A Perfect Time to Walk the Beach on Cape Cod

The Fall is a particularly beautiful season on the Cape.  The number of tourists has dwindled, the shops, restaurants and roads are less crowded, and the temperatures are just divine.  It may not be swimming weather, but it’s a fabulous time to enjoy the beautiful Cape Cod beaches without the hassles of the busy summer.  In short, it’s a perfect time to take a walk on the beach. 


Why not visit several beaches while you’re at it and see which ones you prefer?  You can begin by booking a room at any one of the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay, each a unique experience in and of itself.  Your innkeepers will, no doubt, have their own favorite beaches to suggest, but rest assured that there will by many others from which to choose.

Sandwich Boardwalk

Begin your tour of Cape Cod beaches with a stroll across the Boardwalk in Sandwich to Town Neck Beach.  Spend a few minutes gazing across the bay to the shoreline of Sagamore and Plymouth before continuing along historic Route 6A to Sandy Neck Beach, shared by the towns of Sandwich and Barnstable. If you prefer, you may drive further down the Cape and stop at Grey’s Beach in Yarmouthport.

Sandy Neck Beach

 Next you’ll want to stop in Dennis where you’ll find Chapin’s Beach.  Stop at Chapin’s Restaurant and sample some fresh, local seafood while you’re in the neighborhood.  Stroll the beach to your heart’s content before continuing your explorations in the next town along Route 6A, Brewster.  Stretch your legs once again either Breakwater Beach or Ellis Landing while you enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and watch the gulls, terns and sandpipers at play.

Chapin’s Beach

Still haven’t found the one beach you’d like to call your own?  Then plan another visit to the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay and explore the dozens of other beaches on the Cape.  Any season is beautiful here, but the Fall is always especially nice for walking on the beach.

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