Cape Cod Autumn – Foliage, History and Shopping Abound!

Fall is in the air and it’s a beautiful time on Cape Cod. The days are mostly bright and sunny with the nights crisp and cool. The foliage along the north side of the Cape is starting to pop. The Cape usually has great color until well into middle November. So, if you think you have missed an opportunity to experience a New England autumn, come to the north side of Cape Cod and you can still savor every minute.

As we move into November, it is inevitable that we start thinking about the holiday season. November is very special in New England. For those of you who love the idea of an authentic New England Thanksgiving, you can immerse yourself in the heart of the Pilgrim experience. While most folks believe that the Pilgrims landed in 1620 on Plymouth Rock, many are surprised to learn that the Pilgrims actually first landed in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod. They landed here and intended to stay to begin their colony. The Mayflower Compact was developed and signed here on Cape Cod during the five weeks that the Pilgrims stayed.

After realizing that the soil conditions were not very conducive to farming, they eventually got back in the Mayflower and set sail again, only to land in Plymouth, known then as Plimoth. Today there is a museum to chronicle their lives on Cape Cod and there is a monument to that first settlement, both in Provincetown. For more details, check out The town of Plymouth, right over the bridge, has fabulous museums and exhibits of the entire settlement with Pilgrims, Indians, and the Mayflower. What a fabulous, unique way to celebrate Thanksgiving by spending it in the area where it all began. You can find more details at The Plimoth Plantation website.

The best part is that all of the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay lie right in the middle of these two areas. So you can stay here and are in a perfect position to pinwheel in potentially any direction to Plimoth, Provincetown or both! See our Historic Cape Cod Inns website for great choices in accommodations.

No contemplation of the holidays is complete without some thoughts of shopping. Whether this is met with dread or excitement, there is no better place to start than the wonderful and unique shops along Route 6A. If this is the year you vow to support local artisans and/or family businesses rather than face malls and/or large box stores, there are endless options for you along the entire Old Kings Highway corridor. For a unique experience, on November 21 the Sandwich Glass Museum begins is second year of a Glassblowers Christmas with fabulous glass ornaments created by regional artists, available to view or buy. Another highlight this year at the Museum is a special exhibit of crèches, or nativity scenes, selected from one of the largest collections in the world, representing many cultures.

What a great way to kick off your holiday season. More information on all of these activities can be found at the website of the Sandwich Glass Museum.

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