2011 Cape Cod Annual Pops by the Sea

Pops by the Sea is Cape Cod’s largest and best-loved annual cultural event, and for a quarter of a century the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra has attracted large, animated crowds to Hyannis Village Green. This year the concert will be held on Sunday August 7th, 2011 from 5.00 to 7.00 pm, with pre-show entertainment starting just after 1 pm.

The fundraising event is often a sell-out to over 15,000 fans, including many Cape Cod residents, but also to visitors from all over the USA and overseas. Some are lucky enough to be seated at a VIP table, others watch from festival seating or simply from a picnic rug on the lawn. But wherever you sit, you are guaranteed to enjoy a magical afternoon of wondrous entertainment, all the while benefiting the arts on Cape Cod. Proceeds from this concert help fund the Arts Foundation’s aim to support, celebrate and promote art and culture all year on Cape Cod.

This year the celebrity guest conductors are brothers Peter & Bobby Farrelly, who have written and directed ten movies, including “There’s Something about Mary” and “Fever Pitch”, which is a Red Sox fans favorite. But before the show even begins you can enjoy some of Cape Cod’s most popular performers in the Pre-Show Entertainment which starts at 1.15 pm and goes on until 4 pm.

While in Hyannis for this wonderful event, why not take advantage of some of the many other attractions in the area? A gentle stroll along Main Street will bring you to the JFK Museum, where Kennedy fans can spend a nostalgic hour or so poring over photos, the family tree and other items of great interest. Down on the waterfront is the Maritime Museum, a living boat yard as well as a fascinating museum depicting nautical historic events and even includes actual shipwreck parts.

As for dining, Hyannis has a great variety of choice ensuring no-one goes hungry. Some great favorites include the Naked Oyster, which has a raw bar and wonderful fresh original dishes, the Brazilian Grill, where their slogan is “Vegetarians Beware!” but where you can have a fun evening in the traditional “Curasscaria” style (huge skewers of different grilled meats, carved at your table, all night long if you have the appetite!). Just behind main street Hyannis is the Roadhouse Cafe which has tasty food, a great atmosphere and live entertainment most nights.

To complement your visit to Pops by the Sea and Hyannis, why not consider staying at one of the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay? Each inn is within easy reach of Hyannis and can offer you a unique experience and wonderful memories to take with you when you leave.

This blog was written by The Inn at Cape Cod.

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