Cape Cod, MA – Late Autumn Tranquility

The summer crowds are gone, the beaches nearly empty.  The air is crisp and clean with the barest hint of winter’s coming chill.  What a perfect time to visit Cape Cod

Picture yourself out for a leisurely drive along Route 6A with just a handful of other sightseers.  Imagine strolling along your favorite beach with not another soul in sight.  Think about the pleasure of enjoying the Cape Cod Rail Trail without encountering one other cyclist.  This is Cape Cod in late autumn.

After you’ve spent some time in the bracing, clear air and worked up an appetite, treat yourself to a bowl of steaming clam chowder, guaranteed to warm you head to toe.  And be sure to sample some of the newly harvested crop of cranberries, a perfect reminder of why you love the Cape.

At the end of your Cape Cod day, relax and be pampered at one of the delightful Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay.  What could be more perfect than snuggling in front of a warm fire, enjoying a glass of  wine and falling asleep in the most comfortable bed with the most beautiful sheets you’ve ever felt?  You’ll awake to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee, muffins or scones warm from the oven, and house specialties to make your mouth water.  And you’ll have no trouble getting your innkeeper to make suggestions for how to spend your second day enjoying the serene atmosphere of the Cape in late fall.

Hesitate no longer!  Call or log on to any one of the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay today and enjoy the tranquility of Cape Cod in late autumn.

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