Scargo Lake: Mysterious Beginnings and Hidden Gems

Scargo Lake, located off of Route 6A in Dennis, was most likely formed millions of years ago by glacial movements, there are stories that suggest otherwise. According to folklore, tribesmen carved a lake out of the earth, using clamshells, at the request of the leader whose goal was the happiness of his daughter, Princess Scargo. However Scargo Lake came about, it now brims with summer activities, many of which may not be known to Cape tourists.

At the top of Scargo hill sits Scargo Tower, built in 1874 as a tourist observatory. Originally made of wood, the tower was destroyed twice before it was rebuilt to its present cobblestone structure. At 30 feet high, the tower offers spectacular views, not only of Scargo Lake but also of the ocean stretching as far away as Provincetown and Plymouth. If you are fortunate enough to travel to the Cape during the other three seasons, Scargo Tower is a must-visit destination to experience the dramatic changes in the coastal landscape.

Scargo Pottery, located at the base of Scargo hill, opened in 1952 by founding artist, Harry Holl. Now run by Holl’s four daughters, Scargo Pottery employs talented sculptors and ceramicists who bring life to the ancient art forms. The studio and gallery are open for the public to explore works of art ranging from functional items such as dinnerware to pieces for your garden to fantastical freestanding vessels.

The final hidden gem of Scargo Lake is Eden Hand Arts. The originator of the Dennis bracelet, now widely known as the Cape Cod Bracelet, Eden’s is a thriving jewelry shop. Eager customers wait outside in line for hours, sometimes rain and snow, for a chance at a beautiful piece of their own. Eve and John Carey opened the shop in 1968 after retiring from jobs as art teachers. After one of John’s bracelets appeared on the television show Felicity in 2000, craziness ensued. The bracelets continue to be the rage among Cape Cod natives and tourists alike, but don’t be fooled by the multitude of shops selling Cape Cod bracelets. If you are looking for the real deal, stop by Eden Hand Arts on 6A in Dennis where you are ensured to get a piece of jewelry that is crafted specifically for your own unique wrist.

You can visit any of these attractions while staying at one of the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay.

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