Ten Reasons to Choose a Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast

Myths abound regarding B&Bs, some so persistent that they compel travelers to steer clear and always choose a hotel.  And while the main reason people fail to choose a B&B instead of a hotel is because they just don’t think of it, we know that some people have “reservations” regarding the value of such a stay.  Here, therefore, is a list of the top ten reasons why you should choose a B&B from the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay the next time you visit Cape Cod.

#10  Private Bathrooms – Contrary to what many people believe, more than 90% of all B&Bs have private baths, many featuring whirlpool tubs and other luxurious amenities. You’ll find private baths in 100% of Classic Inns’ B&Bs.

#9  Comfortable Beds – You’ll find the very best mattresses and bed linens in our B&Bs.  We pride ourselves on the quality of sleep our guests enjoy when they stay with us, leaving them rested and refreshed so that they can enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer.

#8  Peace and Quiet – Just what you need to help you relax!  Our B&Bs will give you a well-deserved  respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

#7  Off Street Parking at No Charge –  Unlike hotels, B&Bs provide plenty of parking at no extra cost to you.

#6  Wireless Internet Connection at No Charge – A B&B won’t charge you for using its WiFi system to connect to the internet, and most offer a computer for guest use at no charge, too.

#5  Complimentary Beverages and Snacks – At no charge to you, B&Bs offer 24/7 coffee and tea service as well as bottled water.  Most have snacks available, too.

#4  Great Atmosphere – You’ll find truly interesting architecture at all of Classic Inns’ B&Bs.  Many are historic homes with novel features and wonderful surprises.  You’ll feel right at home in the welcoming décor of a B&B that makes you want to sit down and stay forever.

#3  Location, Location, Location – Just a few minutes’ walk or a very short drive from our B&’s will find you at the beach.  Many B&Bs are within walking distance of restaurants, too, as well as other places of interest such as museums, art galleries, antique shops and historic places.

#2  Friendly Innkeepers Who Offer Excellent Service – You’ll be greeted at the door with a smile at a B&B, and that’s just the beginning of service that is unsurpassed.  The innkeepers will cheerfully answer your questions, make suggestions, offer directions, make reservations and provide you with all the information you need to make your stay on Cape Cod memorable. 

And the #1 reason to choose a Bed & Breakfast from the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay for your visit to Cape Cod is – Fabulous Breakfasts!  Every morning you’ll enjoy a breakfast experience that will put a smile on your face and start your day beautifully.  From fresh fruit to homemade baked goods to hot entrees, each breakfast is designed to help you make the most of your Cape Cod vacation.

So as you’re planning your visit to Cape Cod, be sure to make a selection from Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay the focal point of your trip.  You’ll be so glad you did!

This week’s blog post by Isaiah Jones Homestead Bed & Breakfast. Stay tuned for next week’s post by the Acworth Inn.

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