Going Once, Twice, Sold! Cape Cape Auctions

“We have a beautiful walking stick from our estate collection, scrimshaw and wood from the 19th century.”, the auctioneer describes. “Do I hear $1500.? Anywhere, $1500.? $1000.00 then anywhere, $1000.- Okay, $1250,-$1,500,  you say? $1,500., $1,750.? Anywhere? $1750. Okay, do I hear $2000., $2,000., you say, $2500., $3,000., $3,500., $4,000., $4,500., $5,000., $5500., $6,000., $6500., $6500., $7,000., $7,000. $7,500.? Going once, going twice, sold (the gavel pounds down finalizing the bid) for $7,000. to number 563!” The excitement mounts with each increment in the bidding. If you find Antique Road Show or series like the BBC Bargain Hunters and Cash in the Attic you are sure to enjoy auctions on Cape Cod. 6A or Old King’s Highway is in close proximity to two, Eldred’s Auctions on 6A in Dennis and Sandwich Auction House on Tupper Rd. in Sandwich.

Each auction has its own drama, excitement and yes, disappointment. Knowing when to fold or keep going is an art. The idea is to bid on an item and get it at a price that will hold up. Auctions have themes, Maritime, Americana, dolls, Antique Tools and so on. Some items bought at local auctions re re-auctioned at off cape houses and bring in hundreds or thousands more. Other items show up at antique shops or collectible stores for double or triple the price.

Unique one of a kind items, furniture, signs and works of art, items one would not think of purchasing are paraded one after the other, 19th century Chinese vases and serving dishes, 19th century trunks, early 20th century ship’s models, a New Bedford Schooner log book, one could go on and on. Auctions are scheduled year round at specific times, mostly on weekends but also during the week. Stay at one of the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay on Friday night, view the auction items on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, and attend the auction on Saturday morning or Saturday night, home on Sunday with a bargain. That’s a satisfying weekend off season or in season on Cape Cod.

This week’s post by the Maple Street Inn. Stay tuned for next week’s post by the Quince Tree Inn.

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