Cape Cod’s Arts and Artisans Trails

If you’re looking for a great way to see Cape Cod on your vacation this year, try navigating one of the many arts and artisans routes mapped out in the guidebook entitled, Arts & Artisans Trails, published by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. Now in its second edition, the guide is chock-full of self-guided driving itineraries to studios, galleries, and workshops of local craftspeople situated both on and off the beaten path. Long a mecca for artists from around the world, Cape Cod’s natural beauty has inspired many artists, some of whom got their start by serving an apprenticeship with a mentor and honing their craft following the traditions of generations past.

Choosing any one of the seven regional itineraries covered in the guide will introduce you to inimitable characters and some truly remarkable pieces of art – in barns, perched on cranberry boxes, and in studios overlooking vistas that inspire the artists every day. We suggest you start your exploration of Cape Cod by following the Old King’s Highway Trail , the old stagecoach route, which is virtually unchanged for more than 200 years. The trail begins in Sagamore at Pairpoint Glass, one of the country’s oldest glass works, and ends with a goldsmith in Dennis.

Along the Old King’s Highway and other trails covered in the guide, you will find an Italian candle maker trained in the art of ceramics, a Swedish-born woman who transfers watercolors into textile designs, an Orleans woman who transforms driftwood into sculpture, a Nantucket scrimshander who etches beautiful designs into ivory, and a woman of Wampanoag ancestry who crafts jewelry out of wampum. You will also find a pewter crafter, a quilt-maker, a decoy-carver, basket-makers, glass-blowers, and potters.

The inns that comprise the Classic Inns of Historic Cape Cod Bay offer a Fall for Cape Cod package that includes a complimentary copy of the Arts and Artisans Trails guidebook, along with other enticements that showcase the colors of Cape Cod in autumn.

This post was brought to you by the High Pointe Inn. Stay tuned for next week’s post by the Acworth Inn.

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