Cape Cod Bay – The Only Place to Stay

When you are planning your trip to Cape Cod this year, whether this is your first or twentieth visit, why not consider making your base camp somwhere along the Bay, in one of the outstanding bed and breakfast inns  located on the northern historic side of Cape Cod? We, and many innkeepers like us, can give you an insight into why most of us chose to change our lifestyles and come to this wonderful part of the world. You truly do get the best of everything, and as there are so many attributes we can’t possibly mention them all. But here are just some of the reasons why we all live around and love Cape Cod Bay:

1. Getting around between Sandwich on the western side of Cape Cod, and Brewster towards the eastern end of route 6A, is an absolute joy, whatever the time of year. Route 6A, also known as The Old King’s Highway  is designated one of the USA’s top 10 most beautiful byways, and we can see why. As spring approaches and the buds start to appear on the many trees lining the route, you really do feel blessed to be able to witness this particularly wonderful time of year in such a spectacular setting.

2. Dining in one of the many varied restaurants easily accessed from Route 6A is always a highlight of any stay in the area. Here are some of our favorite eateries, working from east to west along the Old King’s Highway: The Belfry Bistro in Sandwich, where you will find yourself in fabulous, religious surroundings eating the most devilishly good food; the Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant in Barnstable where you dine on fresh, deliciously prepared fish and seafood, overlooking Barnstable Harbor, watching the fishermen’s catch of the day arrive or just enjoying another wonderful Cape Cod sunset; the Old Yarmouth Inn in Yarmouth Port, which is Cape Cod’s oldest inn (1696), and where you are guaranteed a top quality meal with a wine list to match; the Blue Moon Bistro in Dennis Village which has a lovely intimate atmosphere and offers very interesting and tasty menus, personally created by the chef/owner Peter Hyde; also in Dennis you will find the Sesuit Harbor Cafe, which is located right on the inlet and where you can enjoy freshly prepared, casual meals, al fresco, watching the comings and goings of private boats and local fishermen. A dream on a hot summer’s day! Then in Brewster, one of our favorites is Chillingsworth Bistro where you sit in the “Greenhouse” and enjoy a bistro atmosphere and French-influenced tasty cuisine.

3. The many beaches that line Cape Cod Bay are stunning, and offer a much calmer and serene outlook (on most days) than the open ocean. We often find a rock to perch upon, and then just lose ourselves in the wonderful views of marshland, nature and the bay itself.

4. Route 6A is an absolute mecca for shoppers, antique hunters, art lovers and coffee drinkers! You could spend days on end just traveling along this highway, stopping every few miles to explore another “gem” of a store or cafe, or noticing a book or yard sale along the way which catches your eye. If you are really into antiques, check out the Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association website where you will find lots of links to the various dealers and auction houses.

5. Nature trails abound along Cape Cod Bay, and it would take years to explore every one. We love to just wander where the mood takes us, and see where we end up, which is usually somewhere by the water with a lovely view of the Bay.

So, to sum up, no matter what brings you to Cape Cod, you are going to be totally sold on Cape Cod Bay, and the joys of getting around on the wonderful, historic, Old King’s Highway.

This week’s post by the Inn at Cape Cod. Stay tuned for next week’s post by the Belfry Inne and Bistro.

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